Release Notes

Epic Authentication Plug-in

(also referred to as ProxCard Epic Login Device v3.2)

The Epic Authentication Plug-in is a login device for Epic's Hyperspace application. The plug-in implements Epic’s Authentication API and interacts with Hyperspace’s EDManager COM object to provide sign-on, sign-out, secure and secondary authentication using RapidIdentity's ExactAccess product.

The 3.x version supports Epic 2018 and above and implements a new architecture for 2018. The new architecture is a persistent DLL that does not use hciepicsessionmgr.exe and xaRemoteNotify.exe or any external executables, simplifying the interaction with Hyperspace. Epic 2017/2015 are supported in the 3.x version; however, the older architecture, using hciepicsessionmgr.exe and xaRemoteNotify.exe is still utilized.