Release Notes

Release 1.0.0

Notable Improvements

  • Users can authenticate with a password

  • Domain or Non-Domain joined users do not need to re-authenticate for RapidIdentity

  • Added support for the Forgot My Password workflow

  • Added support for multiple individual Windows users

  • Updated the UI for Dynamic Policy displays for Policy Sync

  • Users can now claim their RapidIdentity account from a login or lock screen

  • Improved QR Code Authentication

  • Added support for existing local accounts

  • Users can now authenticate with Pictograph and PingMe

  • The Windows Native Client can now be deployed locally and centrally with RapidIdentity Cloud version 2021.7.27 or later

  • Enabled authentication policies on the portal now sync with the client

  • Added an error message for unsupported policies

  • RapidIdentity will now create a local account for a user when there is no matching local account