Release Notes

Release 1.6.0

Key Fixes
  • Windows domain name not being included in configuration data being sent to the client system. (HEALTH-83)

  • ProxCardServiceController should rely on AppSettings instead of ProductSettings (HEALTH-78)

New Features
  • Settings Profiles - Before this release, all Dell ThinOS endpoint settings were global, meaning that they applied to all ThinOS endpoints that connected to Lynx. In Lynx 1.6.0, it is now possible to create one or more settings profiles that each contain different settings. A settings profile can then be applied to one or more ThinOS endpoints using the Dell WMS management tool. If no settings profiles are created or specified in WMS, then a default settings profile will automatically be used. See the product documentation for more information about this feature.


    If a settings profile is not specified in WMS, the default profile for ThinOS 8.5 - 8.6 will be used automatically. This may cause issues if you have ThinOS 9.1.1 endpoints. Therefore, if you have ThinOS 9.1.1 endpoints, it is highly recommended that you set the profile to use for your ThinOS 9.1.1 endpoints within WMS.