Release Notes

Release 1.6

Key Fixes
  • QwickACCESS to Windows now automatically populates the domain field based on the domain to which the computer belongs. Users no longer need to enter the domain name during proximity card registration.

  • Addressed issue where the monitor would not wake from sleep on a proximity card tap in certain situations.

  • QwickACCESS to Windows now responds to badge taps when CAD is turned off in Windows 7.

  • The QwickACCESS to Windows Config Tool no longer causes the tools tips to flash.

  • QwickACCESS to Windows now accurately reaches the server upon a user tap in resulting in a displayed informative message to the user, rather than a black screen.

  • Addressed issue where QwickACCESS to Windows would not acquire the proximity card reader, although the reader was attached to the system upon computer startup.

  • QwickACCESS to Windows now stores settings in C:\ProgramData\HealthCast\QwickACCESS-to-Windows.

  • Uninstalling previous versions of QwickACCESS to Windows to install a new version no longer displays an error.