Release Notes

Release 2018.12.13

  • Fixed an issue where filtering a delegation with an action in it down to one user, and selecting that user, would cause the system to mistakenly select all users in the background.

  • Changed the default Samba configuration in /etc/samba/smb.conf to prevent vulnerability scanners from flagging it as an issue.

  • Fixed an issue with errors being displayed in the API documentation.

  • Users now have the appropriate permissions to add static group members on the Roles screen.

  • Created different Action IDs for Challenge Answer Verifications and Challenge for a Temporary Password Verifications in the audit reports.

  • Calls to getShouldTerminate() now return an ECMAScript boolean instead of a Java.lang.Boolean.

  • Prevent a situation where Role Syncs between Portal and Connect could result in the system entering a stuck state.

  • The Workflow Request History Details functionality now displays form data in the new UI.

  • The new UI includes the ability for admins to choose to stay on LTS releases during the upgrade process.

  • Refined user permissions in the Reports Viewer.