Release Notes

Release 2018.6.30.0

  • The Federation Authentication Method is now configurable in the new UI.

  • The Files module is now included in the new UI.

  • During the upgrade process, admins can choose whether to remain on an LTS build or select from available Rolling Releases in the legacy UI.

  • Announcements now appear as a pop-up modal that must be cancelled before interacting with any functionality in RapidIdentity.

  • Administrators can require an application to be bookmarked.

  • Reverse the order of the history, details, and request buttons for Entitlements to be request and details, with history shown in the page footer.

  • Profiles actions are now in the main Profiles drop down box.

  • When the browser does not support scanning the QR Code, display the QR Code option as disabled.

  • Update date picker to work better in Microsoft browsers.

  • When waiting for Roles to load, ensure the spinner is present to indicate the query process is active and verify Roles with custom attributes can be saved.

  • Ensure the importing of saved Reports from the Depot in the new UI does not result in duplicate columns.

  • Verify Advanced Search in the People module.

  • Verify entitlement edits to name and description are preserved on save.

  • Verify Claim Policies can be saved when more than one question is configured.