Release Notes

Release 2018.6.30.7

Key Fixes

  • Tabbing is now working in Flex Connect RunActionPanel

  • Deleting a project will now delete associated jobs

  • Revert to Default is now working for custom i18n values

  • Fixed Workflow Connect action when using Connect Integration

  • Reports details window now shows more than one of any multi-valued extended property

  • Profiles Delete FIDO Devices API now auditing all requests

  • Added the ability to control versions of TLS that are allowed by embedded Tomcat

  • Sensitive data returned from actions sets (e.g. getADPassword()) is no longer getting traced

  • RapidIdentity no longer fails to start when uploading Community Adapter to Libraries in Configuration

  • Can now upgrade to a newer LTS if the current build's timestamp is newer

  • Fixed an issue with QR Code Reader functionality in IOS 12.2

  • Fixed date format after editing Sponsored Account Birthdate

  • Updated Workflow/Request option "May not be requested in UI" to hide entitlements the user should not have access to request in RapidIdentity legacy UI

  • Fixed an issue preventing upgrades to latest LTS

  • Enabled account expiration in Portal