Release Notes

Release 2019.1.31.3

Key Fixes

  • Portal no longer creates excessive .tmp files that consume storage and affect startup and performance

  • Connect jobs configured to send completion emails will no longer hang if there are issues with the SMTP server

  • RapidIdentity startup no longer immediately fails if the database is not available

  • New licenses can now be installed if the existing license is invalid

  • Tenant Admins can now search the Attribute Browser in the Global Attribute List (GAL)

  • All Admin roles can now access /api/rest/admin/gal/items API route

  • The New UI and Reporting module now loads even if the admin capability is not enabled

  • Tenant Admins can now no longer access Audit Retention Policy APIs

  • Re-assigning a Service Provider configuration now takes effect immediately

  • The system will no longer attempt to load users associated with an Entitlement that does not exist

  • The Make Public button under Windows File Shares will now correctly return an error when the file share type is not qualified to be public