Release Notes

Release 2019.1.31.6

Key Fixes

  • GAL item date format now displays correctly after editing Sponsored Account Birthdate

  • RapidIdentity Portal now requires a JSON return value from Connect in situations where it previously accepted a record

  • "Export Data" file in RapidIdentity Portal's Roles screen will no longer export as invalid

  • Upgrades to postgres from 9.1 to current will no longer fail due to critical yum package(s) dialog install failure

  • License expiration text has been clarified for perpetual licenses; instead of "License Expires," the UI now reads "Support Expires" on the appropriate date

  • Importing a .pfx file into an SSL profile no longer fails with invalid request error

  • Using the saveGoogleUser action no longer removes special characters and diacritical marks from input data

  • User data with special characters no longer breaks the functionality of sponsored accounts

  • Entitlement request dates and approval dates now display accurately in Entitlement History logs

  • Google sync will no longer throw an exception when refresh_token is missing

  • Hostname fqdns are now resolvable after appliance startup by all instances holding replicas, including themselves

  • PostgreSQL can now be installed from the CLI menu

  • RapidIdentity IdP Certificates are now easier to rotate, and expiration date is visible in the UI

  • UTF8 Validation now available in decryption methods

  • Salt-based decryption now retries with all keys

  • Editing can now be done from the CLI menu

  • Certify and Extend tasks for short-lived entitlements are now dismissed appropriately in the Tasks sidebar

  • Disabled or locked accounts can no longer log in if the password authentication method is bypassed

  • Requesting any url that includes .svn will now return as an error 404

  • A sponsored account's required email address User Object Naming Convention setting will now persist upon saving

  • Schoology API adapter now stores numeric identifiers (IDs) as strings that can represent large values

  • IdP quickConfig no longer fails if used multiple times

  • GroupWise Adapter and Agent are no longer supported

  • Static resource loading now shows performance improvements

  • Legacy UI for administering COMPOSITE elements now shows the associated entitlements

  • Login failures no longer specifically identify the incorrect credential and instead returns "Authentication Failed"