Release Notes

Release 2019.12.15.0

Notable Improvements

  • The Connect UI now has significant usability and functionality improvements

  • RapidIdentity now presents an option to establish an SSO session after a successful authentication workflow

  • System Admins and Tenant Admins can now create and manage Service Identities and their associated API keys

  • RapidIdentity now has UI support for configuring OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect SSO federation methods

  • RapidIdentity now has extended WS-Federation / WS-Trust federation methods to support federation with Windows devices joined to Azure Active Directory

  • RapidIdentity now supports the import and management of OpenID Connect Federation partners

  • Multi-project OAuth1/OAuth2 credentials are now available for use

  • RapidIdentity's New UI now supports the Search function in Task Manager

Key Fixes

  • QR Code Scanner feature now functions accurately on iPhones, iPads, and Chromebooks

  • A RapidIdentity logout after a session timeout is now more apparent to users

  • The Claim Account form's Submit button is now disabled after the initial click to prevent errors from multiple submissions

  • GAL item type DATE_STRING no longer causes an error when added as an attribute to My Profile

  • Alt-actions that contain LDAP attribute names with dashes no longer fail when sent to Connect

  • Connect Roles now sync properly to Microsoft O365

  • LDAP Server Sets Connection values now save properly after being configured

  • Connect Action createADHomeDirectory no longer fails intermittently

  • RapidIdentity now supports the CAS 3.0 /samlValidate feature

  • Upgrade task MigrateToAssetConfig_2017_06_13 no longer fails when upgrading from very old versions of RapidIdentity

  • The Request Module's Workflow feature no longer truncates form icons on workflows with more than 4 forms

  • New Dashboard users will now see all applications available to them as Bookmarks upon login

  • Connect /log directory and Logs module now function as expected

  • Config users can now change the password for idautoAdmin via CLI for local PostgreSQL and MySQL database installations

  • RESTPoint configuration and enablement settings are now located in the Connect Action Bar instead of Connect > Settings > Projects > Project Details

  • Workflow forms in the Legacy UI now display a Date Picker option

  • Labels for fields in the Register Service Provider sidebar now properly describe the type of information needed in each field

  • Break and Continue statements are now labeled properly in Connect's Advanced view

  • Left and right arrow keys now expand and collapse tree branches as expected in Connect's Advanced view

  • An error message no longer appears when decrypting very old challenge set ciphertext encrypted using legacy encryption methods

  • RapidIdentity Connect module now automatically recommends new names when importing a project from Community

  • Importing/enabling a Community Adapter now removes that Community Adapter's Action Set from the store until the Community Adapter has been disabled

  • Community Adapter translation strings now display as expected

  • The Delegation Attributes sidebar now has drag and drop functionality

  • RapidIdentity upgrades against Microsoft SQL Server no longer fail. Previously, performing upgrades in systems that used both Connect and MS SQL would cause the upgrade to fail, and this issue has been fixed

  • Clicking the spyglass or pressing enter with nothing typed in the Search bar will no longer result in an error message

  • Get/Enable/Disable/Delete Adapter API calls now add Extended Audit Properties

Known Issues

  • Android Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 phones currently fail enrollment with Native PingMe for this version. Other Android phones are able to register without issue