Release Notes

Release 2019.12.15.2

Key Fixes

  • Database schema issue for CAS table is now resolved

  • Windows Remote CLI client will now restart remote service if it gets stopped without a restart of RapidIdentity

  • Helpdesk challenge questions and answers are now displayed on the profile sidebar for users with the Helpdesk role

  • Files and Jobs search tool in Connect now functions as expected

  • RapidIdentity upgrades from version 4.3.x to 2019.12.15.x are now successful

  • Sponsored Account issue in Legacy UI is now working as expected

  • RapidIdentity's Login and Change Password screens now function as expected on Chromebooks

  • AWS instances running with an IAM Role with appropriate permissions can now connect to an S3 bucket to use as a file system

  • The Reset/Expired Password page no longer freezes after keystroke validation begins

  • The Save button for New User Contact Information is now in a visible location

  • Users without permissions to view applications can no longer see the Bookmarks widget on the Dashboard

  • RapidIdentity now supports image files with capitalized file extensions for icons

  • Custom URLs now load in the Help Links page

  • Upgrades from 2019.12.15.x to future versions are now only possible through custom coordinates

  • Users can no longer see modules in the menu that they do not have permissions to access

  • All Connect Actions within an Action Set now have an enforced unique ID

  • RapidIdentity Connect now supports passing JCIFS NG properties into the extraProperties defineRemoteFilesystem() parameter

  • The Action Set tab navigator in Connect no longer has UI artifact glitches

  • Users with the Connect Operator role can now access Action Set list items as expected

  • Disabling all delegations in the People module no longer locks users with sponsorship permissions out of the People module

  • The Connect Project Selector now stays as selected during a search

  • TargetUser is now visible in Alert Messages