Release Notes

Release 2019.3.28

Fixed Known Issues

  • Entitlement option "May not be requested in UI" now honored

  • Social Authentication to Facebook fixed

  • Social Authentication with Twitter fixed

  • RapidIdentity should now starts if there is a bad JAR file in the shared libraries folder

  • The SAML response signature now honors the signature algorithm configured for the Relying

  • Created new LDAP builder for improved functionality

Additional Fixes

  • Added support for displaying DN on Roles

  • Tabbing now working in Connect RunActionPanel

  • Fixed Workflow Connect Action When Using Connect Integration

  • Profiles Delete FIDO Devices API now auditing all requests

  • IDaaS initialization points Global.portalURL to localhost, instead of public dns name

  • Can now control versions of TLS that are allowed by embedded Tomcat

  • Sensitive data returned from actions sets (e.g. getADPassword()) is no longer getting traced

  • Changed how values in and are parsed

  • IDaaS Connect Integration settings are no longer broken

  • RapidIdentity will now start when uploading Community Adapter to Libraries in Configuration

  • No NPEs while running integration tests

  • Updated jcifs-ng

  • Supports social authentication to Google

  • ExpiredLogFileTask no longer runs every minute on all Connect nodes when using EFS as cluster filesystem

  • Can now upgrade to a newer LTS if the current build's timestamp is newer