Release Notes

Release 2019.5.9

Fixed Known Issues

  • Fixed date format after editing Sponsored Account Birthdate

  • Updated social authentication to Google in response to a Google social auth change

  • New accounts now being properly added to AD staff groups; home folders are created and mapped accurately

  • Corrected an issue with signatures for Frontline Integration's SAML Response and SAML Assertion

  • Can now upgrade to a newer LTS if the current build's timestamp is newer

  • Workflow Connect Action no longer fails if no result is returned from Connect

  • CRON Maintenance jobs will no longer delete system temp files

Additional Fixes

  • Added support for displaying DN on Roles

  • Tabbing now working in Flex Connect RunActionPanel

  • Tenant Admin can no longer see Configuration > General Appearance > Asset Settings

  • Fixed an issue with Workflow Connect Action when using Connect Integration

  • Profiles Delete FIDO Devices API now auditing all requests

  • Users with Profiles Admin role can no longer see the Configuration module

  • Fixed error message that was appearing when enabling a newly saved policy for the first time

  • IDaaS initialization now points Global.portalURL to localhost instead of public DNS name

  • Added the ability to control versions of TLS that are allowed by embedded Tomcat

  • Sensitive data returned from actions sets (e.g. getADPassword()) is no longer getting traced

  • Changed how values in and are parsed

  • Fixed IDaaS Connect Integration settings

  • RapidIdentity no longer fails to start when uploading Community Adapter to Libraries in Configuration

  • Fixed an issue in which AuditLogConfig was causing hangups and NPEs during integration tests in multi-mode against MSSQL

  • Updated jcifs-ng to get bug fixes

  • Changed ExpiredLogFileTask to run every hour on all Connect nodes when using EFS as a cluster filesystem instead of every minute

  • The ActionService now clears the IDs for projects/RESTpoints for the exportProject API endpoint

  • Fixed an issue with QR Code Reader functionality in IOS 12.2