Release Notes

Release 2020.0.11

Key Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing intermittent failures during setup

  • Improved group importing functionality within the Roles module

  • System Administrators can now modify the SMS configuration without SMSGateway License

  • GroupImportEngine is now only instantiated on Portal job runners

  • Selected groups are now de-selected after performing a search in the Roles module

  • Role clone failures now display an error message upon fail

  • Removed the filter in the People module for non-sponsored accounts

  • The UI now allows the end user to allow specifying ownerDNs on role creation

  • Using the right mouse button to open an Action menu in Connect now clearly displays all associated content in small Actions

  • The UI now pages sessions management results as expected

  • WorkflowEngine has been restricted to running only on Portal_Jobs capability instead of all instances with Portal capability

  • Added a meta object in the response of admin/authn/sessions API call to identify the pageNumber, pageSize, and totalCount

  • Improved the behavior of search results for prefix queries

  • Fixed an issue preventing servers from starting against master branches of previous versions

  • Improved password encryption for Connect Actions and Advanced Connect Actions within Workflow Definitions

  • Fixed a bug causing issues with saving or removing Roles in the Access module