Release Notes

Release 2020.0.12

Key Fixes

  • Administrators can now override the enforceLimit query parameter

  • Portal Adapter Actions now check error responses as expected

  • Fixed an issue causing a 403 authorization error message upon restart

  • SPM Custom Attributes are now returned in sorted order

  • Connect trace logs can now be attached to an email when using SMB for Cluster FS

  • Selected Claim Account Policy is now included in span as expected

  • Role Membership calculations no longer incur LDAP queries

  • Fixed an issue preventing CentOS7 appliance from correctly rotating RapidIdentity logs

  • Improved some spacing issues in sidebars within the Roles module

  • Fixed an issue preventing DelegationsCache from updating

  • In the Roles module, static include/exclude has been moved to be above the list of existing members