Release Notes

Release 2020.0.3

Notable Improvements

  • DUO multi-factor authentication has been added to Configuration settings

Key Fixes

  • Workflow approval email messages are sent to all members of a group when the group is set as the approver

  • Using special characters in the Connect Text Input expression or test type parameters no longer causes errors when running Action Sets

  • Connect Job configuration input parameters update as expected when Action Set parameters change

  • The Connect Action Set > Advanced View keeps keyboard focus on initial selection

  • IF statements in Connect no longer cause compile errors when trying to run Action Sets

  • The Connect UI provides the ability to select and copy from Action Set history

  • Connect Integration URL validation no longer requires https:// to resolve

  • Files module file shares no longer fail after a few days with an authentication error

  • Files downloaded with spaces in the name from the Files module in Firefox or Safari no longer truncate file names

  • SAML responses contain IP addresses that account for proxy IPs

  • The "Allow New UI" and "Force New UI" options have been removed from Configuration options

  • Editing profiles for Sponsored Accounts functions as expected

  • RapidIdentity Studio can allow users to reference multiple tables

  • RapidIdentity Studio provides a Reference To field for deployment

  • Fixed an issue where Skip Endpoint Validation when Signed for Relying Parties would not save

  • Values for LIST attributes in LDAP > Global Attribute Settings no longer show incorrect cached information

  • The RapidIdentity Mobile App can handle multiple accounts pointing to the same server

  • In the Connect > Files module, searching for a file works as expected

  • In Connect > Action Sets > Details > Advanced Mode, nested actions work as expected

  • Connect Jobs associated with invalid Action Sets are now visibly disabled in the UI

  • Editing RESTPoints in Connect no longer disables the Save button without a clear reason

  • The Save button in Connect > Jobs remains disabled until a change is made to the job

  • The Connect > Job Details page no longer disappears when renaming an Action Set with input parameters

  • Studio Template Job Logs no longer fill with stack traces related to CryptExceptions

  • Studio Job History search is now able to validate incorrect values

  • Studio metaverse:user jobs no longer contain erroneously created records

  • WS Consumers in Studio no longer shows the wrong set of credential types

  • Studio Metaverse Records that inherit from other, non built-in records display the correct Name

  • Studio validation for MvFieldDef.refTo at Save time has been implemented

  • Sidebars in the Configuration module close as expected

  • The Change Password feature no longer contains a translation error

  • Applications can be imported with custom icons

  • Searching in the Roles module when wildcard searches are disabled now produces relevant results

  • Scrolling down in Cluster History or the Roles module no longer causes a refresh

  • Roles Sync no longer uses an incorrect permission check for Roles Managers

  • Adding static users in the Roles module functions as expected

  • Disabling wildcard searches in the Requests module works as expected

  • The Request button no longer opens an empty sidebar from the Catalog page after requesting an entitlement

  • Exporting a keystore without an alias or passphrase no longer exports undefined values

  • RapidIdentity no longer fails to start when the hostname is unresolved

  • Users are logged out of any active RapidIdentity sessions if their account is disabled

  • Error messages show correctly for self-service actions when Federation integration is not set up properly

  • The Details button in the My Reports module now functions as expected

  • The sidebar for Tasks > Approvals > Details no longer shows an error message as a field header

Known Issues

  • The RapidIdentity server will not start with the admin capability enabled if Federation is not also enabled