Release Notes

Release 2020.1.0

Notable Improvements

  • General enhancements made to the user interface and core of RapidIdentity improves quality, performance, and stability of the RapidIdentity platform to improve overall user experience

  • Identity Bridge enables customers to leverage their existing, on-premise investments as they migrate to the cloud

  • Improvements to RapidIdentity Rostering and Connect improve usability with a modern, responsive UI that's consistent with the rest of RapidIdentity

Key Fixes

  • Updating an authentication policy after reordering policies no longer causes a failure

  • Identity Providers can now skew timestamps included in assertions for certain SAML Relying Parties

  • Identity Providers no longer present old certificates to SAML Federation Agents after certificate rotation

  • Online migration no longer fails if CORE is not selected from one of the source databases

  • Exchange/Office365 agent no longer incorrectly escapes backticks (`)

  • Significant improvements were made to Connect Action Editor performance

  • Unlicensed modules in Connect will no longer display as errors

  • Administrators can define whether all applications should be bookmarked for the user on first login by role or attribute

  • MY Delegations can now use the tree root as base dn with eDirectory deployments

  • After creating a Sponsorship Alt Action, the sidebar persists until closed manually

  • Fixed some issues rendering File Shares inaccessible before a browser refresh

  • SMTP over TLS functionality has been replaced with Java defaults, no longer deprecating TLS/SSL protocol versions

  • Default for TLS Cipher Suites have been updated

  • Fixed an issue in which the webservice provider iterator was not using Connection Query parameters

  • In RapidIdentity Studio, the CSV Escape character now defaults to null

  • The Studio Consumer recordToNode can now handle null values

  • Studio Templates set as priority 0 no longer evaluate to priority 1

  • Studio Job Log Input Stream is closed in all cases

  • Multiple UI enhancements made for Studio in Internet Explorer 11

  • Studio Delimited Text Consumers now behave as expected regarding Record Definitions and Filters

  • TLSv1.3 and associated ciphersuites have been removed from the default versions list

  • Tenant Admins no longer have access to the Configuration > Systems > Cluster menu

  • Tenant Admins now have the ability to configure Syslog Based Audits in Configuration

  • Tenant Login Configuration now only available in IDaaS mode

  • Encryption key changes affect the system visibility for Connect Runscope

  • Connect > Advanced View line wrapping now displays as expected

  • Multiple improvements to the behavior of the UI in Connect

  • CryptoJS Library has been updated to leverage the Web Cryptography API

  • Deleting an icon from the Icon Chooser now behaves as expected, along with other improvements for default icon handling

  • Unsaved LDAP changes no longer persist in Policies

  • Duo Authentication Policy method shows up as expected in the list for older policies

  • Auditing Activity Logs in Studio no longer display missing translations

  • Fixed an issue in which Federation Partners could not be deleted

  • Unsaved changes in Authentication Policies now persist when the user navigates between policies

  • Navigating away from a Connect Action Set that has not yet been named gives a more focused error message

  • Made some UI improvements to the Configuration menu