Release Notes

Release 2020.1.3

Notable Improvements

  • The Expired Password Reset flow has received multiple improvements

  • RapidIdentity now supports OpenID Connect (OIDC) login configurations

Key Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the logAuditEvent action in RapidIdentity Connect

  • Fixed an issue in RapidIdentity Studio where the cache was not used for record references for FIELD type mappings

  • Reports created using the Jasper report templates no longer fail due to missing fonts

  • RapidIdentity Studio no longer accepts or processes empty query parameters or headers

  • Importing a Connect Action Set will no longer involve a DELETE call for overwrites

  • Added a timeout so that the Email Manager no longer holds up an email queue after an asynchronous email is sent

  • Invoking GET /status/hzActive or GET /status/clusterActive during maintenance mode will no longer cause an error

  • Opening Connect settings no longer triggers a blank page

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Global Attribute List UI for Cloud tenants to include a null item

  • Studio OneRoster Web Service Consumers can now read encrypted fields