Release Notes

Release 2020.1.4

Notable Improvements

  • Several performance and usability improvements made to Connect editor

  • Removed the Connect Basic editor

  • Improved contrast with some text in RapidIdentity

Key Fixes

  • Added paging cache to improve performance of Studio OneRoster Consumer APIs under standard usage

  • Additional Role-Based Access Control roles can now be successfully added or removed after initial save time

  • Improvements have been made to the reactivity of Profile Self-Service dropdown

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the Connect Job Scheduler from saving properly

  • Fixed an error that occurred on every invocation of the built-in getShouldTerminate action

  • Connect Action Sets can now be exported from Search results

  • Resolved logging issues for Federation and LDAP Cluster Manager to improve cluster validation time

  • Updated the parameters being passed by the gmmDelete Alternate Action set

  • Unavailable modules can no longer be selected as Default Landing Modules

  • Action Bar Bookmarking buttons in the Applications module are no longer limited by role

  • Improvements made to the image uploading process in Configuration

  • When creating a new user in Sponsorship, the expiration date now defaults to blank

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Global Attribute List parameter items from saving correctly

  • Alternate Actions are no longer displayed in the UI if they are disabled

  • Resolved search function in Applications > Catalog to search the expected menu

  • Added text to the Skip Step function button in Challenge Responses during the Claim Account process

  • Updated the file format for the IDP certificates

  • Added ability to toggle Global search by role or attribute

  • Password modes can now be set on certain non-password fields

  • Hovertext added to hotkeys in Connect

  • Pressing Enter while entering a password in Connect no longer refreshes the page

  • RapidIdentity can now dynamically compile anonymous functions for Studio expressions

  • WS Provider Studio Application Connections can now be configured as expected

  • Action Sets can now be run inside of Connect projects

  • After creating an Identity Bridge Agent, passwords for Proxies can now be changed without requiring a page refresh

  • Improved the behavior of Bookmark All Applications for users

  • When configuring a SAML Login Configuration, the UI now auto-populates Entity ID and Domain