Release Notes

Release 2020.1.8

Key Fixes

  • Users with the System Admin role can now modify the SMS configuration without the SMSGateway license

  • New Connect Action Sets can now be run in the Action Editor without saving first

  • Selected groups are now de-selected after performing a search in the Roles module

  • The Filter menu in People > Delegations has been removed

  • RapidIdentity now allows the specification of optional ownerDNs on Role creation

  • WorkflowEngine has been restricted to running only on Portal_Jobs capability instead of all instances with Portal capability

  • Improved the behavior of search results for prefix queries

  • Improved the UI so that the Roles DN Selector heading is no longer obfuscated by other components

  • Resolved database schema updates that prevented RapidIdentity from starting in certain cases

  • Improved password encryption in Connect Workflows

  • Improved the loading time for the Applications Catalog with large numbers of applications

  • Fixed an issue preventing the Duplicate Account Found window from being dismissed without refreshing

  • Input Param Descriptions are now shown in the Connect Run Sidebar

  • Fixed a mapping issue that caused running a Provider > Main Template job with recordKey != null or recordKey = null to produce an error in the job logs