Release Notes

Release 2020.12.16

Notable Improvements

  • Several performance and usability improvements made to Connect editor

  • Removed the Connect Basic editor

  • Improved contrast with some text in RapidIdentity

Key Fixes

  • Added paging cache to improve performance of Studio OneRoster Consumer APIs under standard usage

  • Role-Based Access Control roles can now be successfully removed individually

  • Added ability to toggle Global search by role or attribute

  • RapidIdentity no longer fails to start up if ADMIN, FEDERATION, or PORTAL capabilities are disabled

  • Password modes can now be set on certain non-password fields

  • Hovertext added to hotkeys in Connect

  • Fixed an issue that was causing calls to LOGGER in RapidIdentity Studio to render the field templates useless

  • Updated RapidIdentity to use PostgreSQL JDBC Driver version 42.2.18 in order to avoid potential database connectivity issues with cloud database providers

  • WS Provider Studio Application Connections can now be configured as expected

  • Action Sets can now be run inside of Connect projects

  • After creating an Identity Bridge Agent, passwords for Proxies can now be changed without requiring a page refresh

  • Pressing Enter while entering a password in Connect no longer refreshes the page