Release Notes

Release 2021.0.1

Key Fixes

  • Added a prompt for unsaved changes when editing Files and switching projects in Connect (RID-6722)

  • Restored the Folders Module for RapidIdentity (RID-6824)

  • Clarified disabled Alt Actions (RID-6624)

  • Fixed an issue preventing updates to the dial prefix when using AWS SNS as the SMS Provider (RID-6658)

  • Fixed an issue preventing Home Folder and Actions tabs from opening in the Folders module (RID-6835)

  • Encrypted credentials from Connect Actions in Workflow definitions (RID-6673)

  • Fixed an issue causing password resets via email to fail (RID-6827)

  • Improved the performance for updating Active Directory records (RID-6840)

  • Fixed an issue causing an error when users try to add OAuth input parameters (RID-5285)

  • Fixed an issue with Duplicate Action Set names in Connect (RID-5732, RIC-6175, RID-6175)

  • Password Policy: Restricted Password now filters on searches (RID-6039)

  • Attributes can now be deleted if necessary on OAuth2 and OpenID Connect Federation Partners (RID-6229)

  • Improved the behavior of the Save and Sync process in Roles (RID-6826)

  • Users can no longer Save LIST type GAL items with an empty Label or Data field (RID-6688)

  • Made some back-end improvements on Connect built-in Action parameter descriptions (RID-6724)

  • Hard-coded the SMTP Protocol to be TLSv1.2 (RID-6847)

  • Added the Import button to the Community Action Set screen (RID-6369)

  • Corrected an issue where RapidIdentity failed to start when capabilities include studio and exclude connect (RID-6700)