Release Notes

Release 2021.0.3

Notable Improvements

  • Improved localization support by adding the ability to export and import translated locales

Key Fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing definePortalConnection action in Connect from functioning correctly

  • Global search is now restricted to visible modules

  • Added a notification to alert for an expired license

  • Improved the accessibility of the Application Categories configuration button

  • When cloning an Entitlement in the Requests module, a change is no longer required before it can be saved

  • Fixed an issue preventing usernames from showing up in Entitlements Approval History

  • Added a prompt to save the policy being edited or created when users attempt to create a new policy without saving first

  • Disallowed unlicensed methods from being saved to an Authentication Policy

  • Fixed an issue with the functionality of the Change Password icon validation on restricted passwords

  • Fixed an issue preventing Import Project in Connect from functioning correctly

  • Added missing translations in Email Templates configuration