Release Notes

Release 2021.1.13

Key Fixes

  • Sponsorships can now properly utilize the new Date Type attributes

  • Using the right mouse button to open an Action menu in Connect now clearly displays all associated content in small Actions

  • Connect view preference (card v. list) is now maintained across sessions

  • Database drivers from RapidIdentity Connect now respond as expected to tenant upgrades with ojdbc8.jar from Oracle installed

  • Adding an entry to GAL item department no longer causes an invalid type parameters error

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from adding or updating Connect jobs with args

  • Headers and query parameters configured for a Studio WS application connection can now be added or removed as expected

  • Fixed an issue that was inserting empty headers and query parameters when updating a Studio WS application

  • Made some improvements to the Studio Job Search functionality

  • Fixed a vulnerability in claim functionality

  • Connect Action Sets imported from Community can now replace existing Connect Action Sets

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing saving and removing Roles for the Access Module

  • Add and Remove multiple Bookmarks in the Applications module now behaves as expected