Release Notes

Release 2021.10.22

Key Fixes

  • Plain-text passwords shown on the Connect Status page for ActionProcesses are now suppressed

  • The Expiration Date Attribute for Sponsorship Settings now accepts Date and Date_Time GAL Item types

  • Fixed a bug preventing the ACL Settings for an application from displaying in the Catalog

  • Allowed Norwegian characters and Unicode characters to be used in Advanced Search fields

  • Removed extra whitespace in Advanced searches if leading or trailing spaces are entered

  • Users in the Help Desk role may now successfully use the Proxy As feature

  • Improved the functionality of personas as determined by userId

  • Improved the openDelimitedTextInput action to properly encode files

  • Fixed a bug that disrupted the Reset Password flow when Portal and Identity Provider are on separate servers

  • Fixed an issue preventing Email templates from functioning properly when licenses were missing

  • Fixed the success/error toasts while saving attributes for Roles

  • S3 buckets can now be configured with other Regions/Endpoints in File Storage

  • Improved performance when importing and deleting workflows and entitlements

  • Improved the behavior of DateTime attributes in Task Approvals

  • Improved the functionality of the typeahead form item with pickerType

  • Removed extra space in large Connect action sets