Release Notes

Release 2021.11.18

New Features

  • Made significant improvements to the usability of the Studio module

  • Added Trusted IdP Login URL Query Parameter Support for Azure Active Directory

  • Added support for InCommon

Key Fixes

  • Fixed an issue requiring users to enter their credentials multiple times when choosing some applications

  • Fixed a bug that caused the OneRoster API to fail with the inclusion of metadata due to incorrect assembly of metadata response

  • Removed a login API call to the fileshare endpoint before making the API call to better access the fileshare contents

  • Fixed an issue preventing a user's profile picture from updating immediately

  • Fixed serialization around SMS authentication

  • Added support for an override on LDAP max search results in Sponsorship

  • Fixed a missing translation string causing an error with Entitlements

  • Improved error handling to facilitate infrastructure changes around better handling sessions

  • Made improvements to the handling of LDAP searches

  • Included the capability and setting to read QR Codes from the front camera of a device

  • Fixed an issue causing Connect's status page to not be visible

  • Created a Hotfix for Connect HTTP Delete

  • Improved the handling of byte order marks (BOMs) when importing locales

  • Updated error handling when submitting an incorrect current password during the update password flow