Release Notes

Release 2021.4.9

Key Fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing CentOS7 appliances from correctly rotating RapidIdentity logs

  • Re-enabled default support for TLSv1.3 with JDK 11

  • Improved loading issues within Delegations

  • Fixed an issue preventing authentication states from functioning correctly

  • Administrators can now override the enforceLimit query parameter

  • Portal Adapter Actions now check error responses as expected

  • Users entering an expired password are now prompted to change their password instead of being unable to log in

  • The Notifications and Alerts panel are no longer displayed on startup when notificationsEnabled is false

  • Fixed an issue preventing binary image profile pictures from displaying on People cards

  • Connect no longer appends an extra file extension when downloading .txt files

  • Fixed an issue causing a 403 authorization error message upon restart

  • SPM Custom Attributes are now returned in sorted order

  • Connect trace logs can now be attached to an email when using SMB for Cluster FS

  • Custom attributes can now be saved on Roles at creation time

  • Fixed an issue preventing long names from displaying properly in Workflows

  • Users can now clear list-type GAL item values from selectors

  • Selected Claim Account Policy is now included in span as expected

  • Role Membership calculations no longer incur LDAP queries

  • Deleting multiple Roles is now done in bulk rather than sequentially

  • Added performance improvements for systems with lots of groups with large static memberships

  • Improved UI elements within the Roles module

  • Reinstated translation text in Configuration > Security > Tenant

  • Administrators can now change the favicon for their environments

  • Fixed an issue preventing CentOS7 appliance from correctly rotating RapidIdentity logs

  • System Administrators can now load Depot resources on RapidIdentity Cloud tenants

  • Added Mobile Device Email Templates to Mobile Devices Policies in Configuration

  • Fixed an issue preventing DelegationsCache from updating