Release Notes

Release 2021.6.2

Key Fixes

  • The Identity Bridge Agent page now renders a full list of bridges

  • Rewrote and updated the Files module

  • In Connect's Files menu, there is now a prompt for unsaved changes when editing files and switching projects

  • Added a way to clear workflow requests stuck in ERROR or IN_PROGRESS states without database manipulation

  • Moved the conversion of old user interface's alternate actions properties from route to serializer

  • Changed the TOTP app store images to base64 images

  • Updated SMS Configuration to use ri-form and new architecture

  • In the Files module, selected files no longer remain selected when the user navigates to a different file share

  • Assigning Connect project roles now allows users to search against more servers than idautoID

  • Workflow definitions with Connect actions credentials are now always encrypted

  • In the Files module, the tree view now reflects drag and drop functionality

  • Scrolling the files in the Files module no longer scrolls the folders as well

  • Fixed an issue causing an error when trying to change an input parameter to Type OAuth

  • Renaming a folder to an existing folder name now causes a warning message before merging the two folders

  • In the Files module, the Make Public button no longer shows up for Windows file shares

  • In the Files module, the Enable Make Public option no longer requires refreshing the tab or opening a new one to take effect

  • The Restricted Password list now filters on the search within Password Policy

  • Fixed an issue preventing OAuth or OpenID Connect Attribute Delete from performing properly

  • License servers no longer log an uncaught expression

  • The Folder carets in the Files module now work as expected

  • The File Share password changes now take effect without needing to refresh the page

  • Users can now select a file share from the list on the left to view files

  • Improved the Progress Indicator within the Files module

  • Corrected the label in Fileshare that was displaying Files instead of Folders

  • Status indicators that a file or folder has been cut or copied to the clipboard now work as expected

  • Updated GetLatestLicenseJob to run at a random minute mark every hour

  • Saving an empty label with a value for LIST type GAL item no longer fails during XML parsing

  • Replaced instances of DSS with Connect in built-in Action parameter descriptions

  • Renaming a file or folder is now immediately reflected by the GUI