Release Notes

Release 2021.6.29

Key Fixes

  • Addressed an issue causing Identity Bridge to take too long for queries (RIC-96)

  • Updated the RapidIdentity initialization script to stop setting the home directory for the idauto user (RIC-42)

  • Improved organization implementation for schools, districts, and states (RIC-92)

  • Closing the Settings sidebar in the Insights module now takes the user back to the previous view (RIC-26)

  • Hard-coded the SMTP Protocol to be TLSv1.2 (RIC-135)

  • Fixed an issue with Duplicate Action Set names in Connect (RID-5732, RIC-6175)

  • Improved the behavior of the Identity Bridge Cancel button (RID-5763)

  • Saving a SAML2.0 Federation Partner no longer removes the name from the path at the top (RID-5501)

  • Improved the UI element for Bookmark icons in tables (RID-6718)

  • Duo Configurations behave as expected upon addition or deletion (RID-6604)