Release Notes

Release 2021.8.24

Notable Improvement

  • Added UI support for importing and exporting a translated locale file (RIC-228, RIC-229)

Key Fixes

  • Disallowed unlicensed methods from being saved to an Authentication Policy (RIC-256)

  • Added a workaround for SameSite cookie attributes on iOS12 (RIC-301)

  • In Connect, when defining a Portal Connection, a check for token existence is now performed (RIC-283)

  • In the Requests module, deleted form items no longer remain deleted after canceling the changes (RID-5649)

  • Added a notification to alert for an expired license (RID-3682)

  • Improved the accessibility of the Application Categories configuration button (RID-4931)

  • Global search is now restricted to visible modules (RID-4987)

  • When cloning an Entitlement in the Requests module, a change is no longer required before it can be saved (RID-5181)

  • Fixed an issue preventing usernames from showing up in Entitlements Approval History (RID-5507)

  • Creating multiple new Authentication policies at the same time now saves all policies (RID-5523)

  • Updated ROI Graphs UI to show load icons for each graph on the Dashboard in the proper place (RID-5839)

  • Connect Action Sets Export As Adapter option no longer requires an integer for the version field (RID-6169)

  • Fixed an issue preventing Import Project in Connect from functioning correctly (RID-6726)

  • Added missing translations in Email Templates configuration (RID-6305)

  • Fixed validation of restricted LDAP attribute values in the Change Password process (RIC-291)