Release Notes

Release 2021.9.21

Key Fixes

  • RapidIdentity now automatically redirects to relevant context after completing the native Change Password workflow

  • Invalid GAL item types with non-editable values in delegation profiles no longer prevent saving the profile

  • The typeahead dropdown now displays matches when the search string starts with a dollar sign ($)

  • OpenSAML can now handle ACS URLs that contain a query parameter with no value

  • stringEscape no longer gives errors on results returned from getRecordFieldValue

  • Fixed an issue causing the Card layout in People to overflow its container

  • Fixed an issue causing the Studio connection SFTP for ConnectED to fail

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the rendering of row-selection checkboxes in the Connect Projects list view

  • idautoPersonHomeEmail GAL item is now created on tenant initialization

  • Added more RapidIdentity Cloud GAL items out of the box

  • Improved login time for users with a long list of values for their directReports attributes

  • Fixed a UI issue with scheduling Connect Jobs. Specific schedules were sometimes incorrectly converted to intervals

  • The Edit buttons on Retention Policies in the Configuration Module Security section now respect custom colors

  • Editing an entitlement name and description now updates in the sidebar before the sidebar closes

  • Clarified the success messages for Role Sync and Import

  • Removed an irrelevant scrollbar from the Federation Partners: Add Attribute sidebar