Release Notes

Release 2022.0.0


  • RILTS-104 BE: Improve GAL item validation

  • RILTS-68 UI: Handle locale sorting

  • RILTS-63 InCommon: Add timestamp to the date provided by Metadata Refresh

Bug Fixes

  • RILTS-120 Fix Mobile Number Normalization with Dial prefix

  • RILTS-116 Cleanup locale sorting

  • RILTS-107 UI: need to URL encode path and query params for Connect file actions

  • RILTS-103 UI: Correctly handle type params for GAL items

  • RILTS-100 People: Sponsored accounts failing to load

  • RILTS-79 Permission errors in new architecture do not prevent loading

  • RILTS-78 People: Change Password confirmation has an unneeded "Save" button

  • RILTS-75 Go button not visible on Portal Challenge Authentication Page

  • RILTS-72 On OpenLDAP servers, the Advanced Search Tool dropdown doesn't display all searchable options

  • RILTS-70 History diff does not show new input parameter configuration

  • RILTS-62 Update Profile Date attribute to not have a value

  • RILTS-61 Can't Clear out the 'DATE' attribute from delegation profiles

  • RILTS-60 Fork rapididentity-ui codebase for LTS team

  • RILTS-59 People & Change Password: 'Save' and 'Cancel' options are displayed instead of the 'Close' button after saving a new password

  • RILTS-58 Handle sorting on BE application-wide