Release Notes

Release 2022.0.1


  • RILTS-137 Improve error handling to avoid unnessecary 500 status for action processes


  • RILTS-37 Add new column 'Entitled User' in List View

  • RILTS-36 Show List View for Team Entitlements

Bug Fixes

  • RILTS-176 Forgot username requires phone number with +1 prefix

  • RILTS-174 Forgotten Username flow only send emails to primary

  • RILTS-147 Form builder autofocus is focusing on the last item in a form

  • RILTS-146 UI: Allow valid URIs for OIDC callback

  • RILTS-145 BE: Allow valid URIs for OIDC callback

  • RILTS-135 UI: Fix date GAL types

  • RILTS-134 Connect > Action Sets: Default view is not set to GRID, it's coming from other screens

  • RILTS-118 Regression: Editing of plain text Email Templates is broken

  • RILTS-99 IDP Challenge Question Setup: Weird "X" image being used, different than before

  • RILTS-91 Getting an error on saving Forgot Password Policy

  • RILTS-86 Allowed actions "Update Role Info" and "Update Role Membership" not working

  • RILTS-69 Connect: History as Card View is missing Version and Timestamp


  • RILTS-143 Remove Type validation when saving GAL items

  • RILTS-128 Studio/Metaverse - Configuration Cleanup (Any third party services, http calls, etc.), Database Cleanup

  • RILTS-127 Studio/Metaverse - Roles, APIs and properties cleanup

  • RILTS-125 Studio/Metaverse - Integration tests cleanup

  • RILTS-123 IDaaS - Base Code Cleanup

  • RILTS-121 IDaaS - Integration Tests Cleanup

  • RILTS-108 BE: Remove Studio from LTS repo