Release Notes

Release 2022.0.4

Key Fixes

  • Updated REST points DELETE to support accepting a body (RILTS-85)

  • URL Encoding for query parameters now checks for nulls (RILTS-269)

  • Managers can now view a History action in the kebab menu of entitlements (RILTS-155)

  • Added a Request Entitlement action in the kebab menu within My Entitlements (RILTS-185)

  • Included bulk Revoke and Request actions in the Entitlements that can be used when multiple rows are selected, depending on the Entitlement's current status (RILTS-186)

  • Managers can now search and filter team entitlements to navigate results better and find the appropriate entitlements more easily (RILTS-187)

  • Removed all references to Studio-related audit retention policies from RapidIdentity LTS (RILTS-197)

  • Improved Auditing and Logging around WebService Authentication (RILTS-235)

  • Removed some bugs that showed up in the Details menu from the kebab menu within Team Entitlements (RILTS-238)

  • Removed the ability to see plaintext passwords in Alt Actions when running a Connect Action under Reports (RILTS-245)

  • Allowed for special characters, such as Norwegian characters, to be sent in emails (RILTS-246)

  • Fixed an issue causing ClassShutter to prevent implementation of Java interfaces from Action Sets (RILTS-251)

  • Included a valid minimum for the Number of Images to Challenge value in the Pictograph authentication method (RILTS-258)

  • Fixed an issue wherein i18n strings were incorrectly using literals instead of string interpolation (RILTS-271)

  • Claim Processing now ignores trailing spaces (RILTS-274)

  • Authentication policies with multiple authentication methods will now save on the first try (RILTS-302)

  • Fixed an issue causing an error when retrieving GAL items for an advanced search (RILTS-306)

  • Updated openOffice365Connection action to support the new Exchange Agent (RILTS-307)