Release Notes

Release 3.2.0
Notable Improvements
  • Added support for Passive Mode configuration for the Epic Narrator workflows.

  • Published desktop scenarios now allow for per-user settings for the SecureActive registry setting, rather than one Citrix server setting for all users.

  • Manual login screen now displays when user is not logged in.

  • Added functionality to prevent unintended login when Hyperspace is configured to restart on user logout.

  • Added cancel button to the login screen to enable the ability to minimize and close the Hyperspace main window when the authentication interface is displayed.

Key Fixes
  • Added TFA support for Rjindael128 and removed unused Blowfish128 encryption.

  • Replaced Cosign workflow with User Authentication workflow.

  • Resolved an issue where roaming a VDI session from one endpoint to another required multiple badge taps before login.

  • To address roaming issues that required repeated tap ins, AsyncLockedEvent is now ignored when Hyperspace is already locked.

  • Logins are now cancelled when Epic Hyperspace issues StopAction. When roaming or reconnecting a user session, Hyperspace will now automatically re-login the current user, without the need to show our login dialog.

  • Resolved an issue when Hyperspace is installed on the local machine, or in a client operating system (Windows 7/Windows 10) hosted in VDI (configured for local mode) - the authentication into Hyperspace fails.

  • The VcState.exe process now shuts down when Hyperspace running via Citrix from a workstation that the ExactAccess client is not installed is closed by the user.

  • User is now being logged in to both ExactAccess and Hyperspace upon first login attempt.

  • Resolved issue where Tap-Over functionality logs in the wrong user when on department screen.

  • Login screen interaction with Epic was redesigned to allow better integration with Epic functionality, fixing timeout events that were being delayed.

  • Changed the way data is sent between the endpoint and server to avoid the use of XML parsing tools that were causing crashes or hangs in certain scenarios.

  • Created logging for multiple instances of Epic.

  • PubLauncher now starts after the XAClient is started.

  • Resolved an issue that prevented correct synchronization of client Locked state during a session roam event. Roaming an active session to a new workstation would cause the new workstation to lock/secure instead of remaining active.

  • Resolved an issue on the Co-Sign dialog in which the name of the user currently logged in was not being displayed. The same user was also able to co-sign their own order. This issue was only present when Hyperspace is installed on the local machine, or in a client OS (Windows 7/Windows 10) hosted in a VDI (configured for local mode).

  • Primary authentication form background color now displays the Hyperspace background color when loaded.

  • Authentication device now detects XA Client's availability and allows VCState.exe to close to allow for a successful initial authentication process.