Release Notes

Release 4.11.5

Key Fixes
  • pubLauncherSF.exe displays a popup error message that states, "Unable to launch 'AppName' for 'UserName' because the authorization failed."

  • Addressed UserNotification.exe memory leak with a compiler update provided by the manufacturer.

  • The login process now loads the application list asynchronously so that queries for the user are not blocked.

  • Desktop links now use a case insensitive text check to determine where an items belong and display them in order.

  • Adjustments to the window visibility have been corrected, making the minimized RDP application icon visible in the taskbar.

  • The ProxCard Client Service no longer intermittently returns an invalid ProxCard ID.

  • An empty app list is now ignored and bypassed, allowing the process to complete without displaying a Toolbar Desktop Catastrophic error.