Release Notes

Release 4.9.2

  • Risk-based authentication now excludes Emergency Access and displays all other enabled options, including username/password authentication.

  • Secured Applications now includes timing fields.

  • The client can now be configured so it doesn't remind users to present their credentials unless the client is restarted.

  • Added scopes to improve logging.

  • Credential Provider now supports FIDO tokens.

  • Added PingMe, Bluetooth, and FIDO authentication methods (Yubikey and Hypersecu).

  • Added a sensitivity setting for Bluetooth authentication.

  • Removing an authentication method now requires users to re-authenticate using one of the other available methods.

  • Added Windows Security updates to this release.

  • Streamlined PingMe authentication.

  • Simplified the re-enrollment process for Fingerprint authentication.

  • The Windows 10 Credential Provider can now work with Risk-based authentication.