Release Notes



  • Added hid seos support and support for omnikey 5023 reader.

  • Ux improvements made to Bluetooth configuration.

  • Added ability to manage encryption keys automatically.

  • Removed extra logs from Bluetooth initialization.

  • Synced by card of multi cards user may store invalid card in local cache.

  • Now notify user ahead of PIN expiration.

    • The following value has been added to the Settings table: PreNotifyPINExpireDays=15.

    • Once installation or upgrade of client is complete, the user should Edit an authentication setting in the administrator portal to ensure the AuthDataTimeStamp value is changed in the database so it will properly sync the PreNotifyPINExpireDays value to the Client.

Bug Fixes

  • Save button no longer looks disabled in enrollment tile.

  • Card now triggers sync if account is in locked state.

  • EnrollmentTile now checks for steady state if EnrollTileNewUser policy is set.

  • Interface may be unusable on modern display settings.