Release Notes



  • User will be notified ahead of PIN expiration.

    • The following value has been added to the Settings table: PreNotifyPINExpireDays=15.

    • Once installation or upgrade of client is complete, the user should Edit an authentication setting in the administrator portal to ensure the AuthDataTimeStamp value is changed in the database so it will properly sync the PreNotifyPINExpireDays value to the Client.

  • Users will be notified when any PIN is changed.

  • Added UserID and WorkstationID to most of the log messages to track any given user.

  • The¬†Admin Portal now verifies that a new PIN has not been used in recent history.

  • Re-enrolling a mobile app account will no longer unlock an account if it has been locked.

  • An API has been added to determine in an OTP Token is already enrolled.

  • Added the option to use AWS SNS to send SMS messages to mobile.

  • Enforced PIN Policy in SetUserPin.

  • Added Max PIN Age Notification.

  • Added QR code to provision Email.

  • Added ability to manage encryption keys automatically.

Bug Fixes

  • SMS rate no longer limiting for PingMe Enrollment.

  • Admin portal set PIN no longer causes client to show "PIN has expired".

  • User state will update upon successful enrollment.