Release Notes

Release 4.9.3

  • Users can now create a global PIN without having any methods or devices enrolled that require a PIN.

  • Add support to web.config file to reduce CORS vulnerability.

  • Update to the most recent version of Bootstrap.

  • Verify iOS devices are not duplicated during registration and that the original device is updated in the workstation ID.

  • Allow Self-Service Portal to support OTP by SMS.

  • During CSV import, allow records to import if a duplicate entry is found in the file without importing the duplicate entry.

  • Ensure MFA Server can function when TLS 1.2 and FIPS encryption are enforced and that upgrading to TLS 1.2 does not interfere with PingMe.

  • Verify that replaced Bluetooth devices synchronize properly with Server and Client.

  • Ensure that the Add Sets drop-down menu only presents the proper choices.

  • Ensure GenerateAuthCode API can send SMS messages and that SMS settings send both SMS and Email messages.

  • Verify that contactless and contact cards sync with Client properly.

  • Ensure that multiple enrollments of the same token for one user does not occur and that expired authentication tokens cannot be reused.

  • Validate that password resets from the Admin Portal prompts users to reset their password.