Release Notes



  • A prompt is now displayed to users when setting up security answers to prevent losing the answers.

  • A silent method to install browser plugins for Internet Explore and Safari has been added.

  • Crossmatch drivers are now supported by fingerprint functionality as DPUAU mode.

  • The installer has been modified to install new modules required to automatically roll keys in the client folder.

Bug Fixes

  • If a PIN or password has been blocked, the user is no longer required to remove a card from the reader to reset the blocked status.

  • Enrollment tile now allows bluetooth if the user is at shared workstation logon or the user will be able to launch the Enrollment Wizard on the Client to enroll bluetooth.

    • After the bluetooth method has been enrolled, the status icon is now green, instead of red.

  • If a user is already logged in remotely and a local client user logs in, the user information is not displayed to either user when ""donotdisplaylastusername" is set.

  • RDP logon no longer fails if local logon is not allowed.

  • The Enrollment tile no longer shows invalid name when the workstation is locked.

  • Demo build available to support both Picto and QRCode.