Release Notes



  • SuppressAppUI policy is now available. If configured on the server, then the client will not have access to enrollment.

  • LogFolderSize policy implemented to control the size of the log folder, with the default set to 1GB. The log folder location is /var/log/RapidIdentity on the system. If the size exceeds the setting, then a new folder will be created.

  • A new tool released that allows the ability to change configuration to change the lock screen and lock screen timeout

    • When UseLockScreen is set to true on the Client, the lock screen will be used instead of the login window screen.

Bug Fixes

  • Bluetooth no longer automatically turns off on screen lock/sleep

  • When there is a local and a domain user with the same name during FIDO registration, the domain user will no longer be removed form the database

  • Upon new installation or upgrade, after the system unlocks, there is no longer a black screen with a cursor after logging on again.