Release Notes



  • The API has been enhanced to return all enrolled methods for a user.

  • Logging is improved to be more user friendly to parse on the server.

  • Policy added to enable/disable the Enrollment tile logon.

Bug Fixes

  • Error message no longer displays when users change the PIN for a Smartcard in the Portal

  • When a user enrolls the Mobile App, the PIN that was originally set in FIDO is now also recognized in the Mobile App when a Global PIN exists.

  • If the email server is unavailable when an SMS message is sent using the portal, the SendEmail Failed error message returned is no longer truncated.

  • Server configuration page now includes "Last Used" in the Default Method List

  • Updated the API to determine if a JSON response is required when a One Time PIN Token is enrolled

  • When the server receives a sync from a user without a domain server, a new user will be created without a domain and return that user to the client

  • Upon new user enrollment through the Self Service Portal, PingMe send SMS feature no longer fails if no entry existsd in dbo.SMS_users for the user being enrolled. 

  • If Amazon SNS settings have been defined in the Settings tab and any other Settings changes are made at a later time, Amazon SNS settings will no longer be deleted.

  • AddUser call successfully adds user and no longer returns a 400 bad request.