Release Notes


Known Issue

This release of MFA Server contains an Apple Push Notification certificate that expires on March 11, 2022. After the certificate expires, Ping Me functionality will not work for iOS devices. Therefore, if you are using Ping Me authentication you will need to manually update the Apple Push Notification certificate after installing this build.

Steps to update the Apple Push Notification certificate:

  1. Download the latest APN certificate (applev2cert.p12) from the following link:

    1. Public Link to p12 :

    2. Name: applev2cert.p12

    3. Size: 3611 bytes (3 KiB)

    4. SHA256: 926FD94CDC15A12A5F246D764CD03DC56A9CE8651545C47252EE0CAB06F454FA

  2. On each machine where the MFA Server software is installed, navigate to the installation directory of the MFA Server.

  3. Navigate to RapidIdentity MFA > Website.

  4. In this directory, simply replace the applev2cert.p12 with the new applev2cert.p12 certificate file that you just downloaded.

Bugs Fixed

  • The account is locked before maximum invalid attempts are reached for OTP Hard token on MFA Client (TWOFA-160)

  • Push notifications are being sent twice on RapidIdentity Mobile Application Intermittently (TWOFA-181)

  • Unable to upgrade MFA Server from to (TWOFA-186)

  • OTP hard token enrollment cannot be deleted in SSP (TWOFA-217)

  • Unable to log in with OTP (Hard and Soft) on MFA Client (TWOFA-270)

  • Manually deleted Secured Application template appears after syncing MFA Client with Server (TWOFA-136)

  • PIN does not block when invalid attempts reach for CL on SSP (TWOFA-140)

  • PIN does not block when invalid attempts reach for FIDO on SSP (TWOFA-141)

  • Users can log in with PIN + Hard OTP in OTP field when PIN is required before OTP (TWOFA-157)

  • OTP Hard Token fail_count is incremented by more than 1 for SSP in Database TWOFA-165)

  • Unable to receive PingMe notifications in iOS devices (TWOFA-229)

  • Unable to receive notification on mobile app after clicking Unlock User button (TWOFA-232)

  • User with Fingerprint method is not able to log in with PIN on MFA Client (TWOFA-277)

  • Unlock account > Fail count in Database is not incremented after failed login with various methods on SSP (TWOFA-162)

  • OTP stops working randomly for users (TWOFA-5)

  • Upgrade from and to the latest build ended with premature installation error (TWOFA-35)

  • Clean install is unable to access Portal (TWOFA-36)

  • Unable to install previous versions after uninstalling on NPS/Radius enabled MFA Servers (TWOFA-42)

  • Upgrade MFA Server build version to and verify backward compatibility (TWOFA-46)

  • FIDO PIN expiration policy for SSP is not working (TWOFA-49)

  • Radius configuration changes in the MFA Server (TWOFA-96)